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Schedule ChartMogul Data Downloads Directly to Your Inbox

Now you can receive regular emails with exports of i) your MRR movements, ii) MRR movements broken down by customer, and iii) list of all your customers. 

Up until now it’s only been possible to export your customer metrics directly from the UI, programmatically via our Metrics API, or by configuring a Destination like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake

But what if you don’t have a data warehouse or other cloud storage solution set up just yet? Now you can get these reports sent directly via email – when you want, to whomever you want, and without all the manual work. 

If you’re regularly pulling data from ChartMogul for further analysis, or sending it along to your investors (or both!), setting up scheduled email exports can improve your workflows and save you lots of time.  

You can send the following data directly to your inbox: 

  • MRR Movements
  • Customers
  • Tags 
  • Custom attributes
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Set Up Scheduled Email Exports

Go to Destinations and choose ‘Email’ from the list of Destinations. 

Choose the data you’d like to export, select frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), and then add your recipients. 

Once you’ve configured these settings you can expect to receive regular emails from us that your downloads are ready. 

Data Destinations allow you to export clean and tidy revenue data

Combining revenue, product, CRM, and other data sets can help you uncover powerful insights.

For example, you could identify users who are more likely to churn and create a plan to prevent it before it occurs. You could also focus on improving retention by creating MRR-based onboarding, or identify and sell to customers who are more likely to expand their subscriptions. 

Destinations allow you to export subscription data from ChartMogul with just a few clicks. 

Get in touch with us and let us know which integration you’d like us to build next. Tweet at us, reach out to our success team, or schedule a call with PM Katarina.

Aaron Wichman

Senior Product Marketer